About Us

Aswaq International Trading co. (aitco) ltd.

Is a company specialized in export, import, and general trading. One of our main sectors is Refugee relief supplies and requirements. Aswaq is specialized in the provision and delivery of relief supplies for all location of need worldwide. 
We provide services for international aid organizations and charities specialized in human aid. This sector was mainly created to respond to the increasing numbers of human refugee and their need to for fast help and care.
We manage to arrange for the imprint of the organization logo on the supplies to minimize the resale of those supplies on the black market. We are keen to provide our services in low price for all organization to ensure all refugees get the help they need.

-        On time delivery of wide selection materials with high quality and competitive price.
-        A Professional system followed to ensure maximum efficiency of the services provided to those in need and executed with clients identity and logo.

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